Namrijinang Educational Ministry is located in Tamenglong District, which is one of the Home Town of Zeliangrong Nagas. It occupies the Western part of Manipur with a geographical area od 4.391sq. Kms. The District border with Senapati District and part of Nagaland State on the North, with Jiribam Sub-division of Imphal District adjoining with Cachar District of Assam on the West, with Churachanpur District of Manipur on the South and with Senapati District on the East.


The Major tribes inhabiting in Tamenglong District are Rongmei, Liangmai, Zeme, Puimi, Hmar, Tangkhul, Mao, Poumei, Anal, Chiru, etc. These different tribes have different dialects, which have some similarities, however, almost all of these tribes can speak Manipuri, Manipuri is the lingua franca of the different tribes. Second is Rongmei language, which is also commonly spoken. The dialects of Rongmei, Liangmai, Zeme, Puimi are of more similarities than little variations. All the tribes have their different culture, tradition and beliefs. They have patriarchal society and inheritance is through male line.


The Ministry occupies near the Gate of Tamenglong District, which is 1km to the Khongsang Road from the ideal part of the Town in a very decent area, which is of Dimthanlong area of Tamenglong 3.