What is NEM ?


Namrijinang Educational Ministry (NEM) is a Christian Ministry founded in 2004 in memorial service of Namrijinang alias Maipak to qualified students for building personalities and character of individual.


We are working with the poor, helpless children and orphans by rescuing them and providing a safe Christian refuge under the banner of Christ. We train Children for the betterment of their education. We desire to impact the lives of the children’s leading them to godly living. We try to provide an environment where children are motivated to think for themselves and make right choice.


The Ministry is to equip the poor, helpless children with a solid knowledge of spiritual, education, social, professional, cultural and sanitary options so they can become independent, decent and helpful citizens for the good and welfare of any society. The board will develop and promote these ideas, so the beneficiaries can have a better tomorrow and a positive behavior wherever they choose to live. 


The ministry is working with the poor and helpless children. Most of the children we support are an orphan, who has limited resources to meet their needs. We support the children’s providing all the nutritional supplement, education, clothing, health care etc. We care for these children without regard for race, religion, culture, national origin, or financial or social status.


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Helping Young People

Fulfil their

Destiny among the Unreached